Will wall vinyls and vinyl wallpapers damage my walls?

Have you looked into decorating with wall stickers but still wonder about if they might leave lasting marks or damage your wall? This is a question you need to know before making a purchase because why wouldn’t you want to know what happens to your walls when it finally is time to remove the decals.

Good and Bad wall decals
Wall decals come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Many wall decal companies take the cheapest route and use materials that were never intended for home walls (or homes in general). The most important thing for anyone looking for wall decals is to find out what kind of material they are printed on, because not all materials are equal.

When talking about possible damage on the walls the material matters less than the glue, but it’s still good to know that usually the thicker the decal or wallpaper the easier it will be to remove cleanly (as long as the right glue is used). For this reason we mostly use a very thick and sturdy paper with a re-positionable glue that is both easy to attach and remove.

How strong is the glue?
The producers of decal materials normally have a wide assortment of different glue strengths. Decals made for use on indoor walls normally have less strong glue, while the materials for outdoor use might come with very strong permanent glue.

If a wall decal company have chosen a material with a too strong glue then it is also likely that they will be hard to remove and leave marks when finally removed (always see company guidelines for decal removal). If you are in doubt, check for words like re-positionable, low-tack, temporary, low-adhesive and/or removable. If the stickers are re-positionable, this usually means that the material is of higher quality with a milder adhesive that is easier to remove.

Keep in mind that most glues do harden with time, so even a removable glue can become more difficult to remove if it has been attached for many years. Often decals that have been on the wall for a very long time will leave some light marking even with the right glue (usually these are more prominent on eggshell/matte surfaces, and less so on glossy paints).

If you want to minimise the risk of stickers leaving marks or damaging your walls opt for higher quality decals where you know where and how they are produced.

Wall surfaces

Don’t use wall stickers on surfaces that have damp walls or have peeling or flaky paint, or you might risk the paint coming off with the stickers. If you are going to use decals or vinyl wallpapers on a surface you are unsure about, I would suggest getting a sample from the seller and trying it out before you order the full design. At Squark Interiors we offer a free sample pack which you can order online so you can try out the products in advance.


Colour differences on the wall

Have you ever seen marks left on the walls by posters or picture frames that have been hanging in the same spot for a long time? The wall under the frame is of slightly different colour than the rest of the wall. This might happen with stickers too when left attached for a longer period of time. The rest of the wall gets bleached by the sun or dirt, while the area under the sticker remains like it was in the beginning. When you finally remove the stickers it looks like they have left marks, when it actually is the rest of the wall that has changed. These differences are usually more noticable on coloured and matte walls. Semi-gloss white walls and other white surfaces are usually not a problem, unless the environment happens to be exceptionally dirty.


Squark Interiors products

Our products are Eurclass EN 13501-1 fire rated, fade resistant (we use light resistant UV inks), low-tack self adhesive and re-positionable upon application (but not re-usable). We use a plastic coated lamination to protect the product from marks, scuffs and scrapes and we recommended it for indoor use only. If you want one of our products to be used outdoors, please let us know and we can find the right material for your environment.You can always get in touch if you have any doubts about our products. Your walls are our priority, and we will always do everything we can to protect them.


And finally...

Wall decals are a great and easy way to create temporary interior decorations. If you are worried about possible damage to your walls try to choose quality stickers where you know they are made for indoor walls and you should be just fine. The thumb of rule with these (as with so many other things) is that you get what you pay for.