What can your wall vinyls/decals or vinyl wallpapers stick to?

We would say that all Squark Interior wall vinyls and wallpapers will stick to almost any interior wall or surface, but its lifetime can be shortened depending on its environment. For example, in a bathroom, with all the steam and moisture, it may not last as long as in a living room. The vinyls should stick to glass, wood and windows. Freshly painted plastered walls I would recommend waiting for 6 months after plastered walls and 3 months for skimmed walls to ensure the plaster has completely dried out and sealed by the paint.


We highly advise that you don’t use wall stickers on surfaces that have damp walls or have peeling or flaky paint, or you might risk the paint coming off with the stickers, or the vinyls not sticking to the wall at all. If you are going to use decals or vinyl wallpapers on a surface you are unsure about, we would suggest getting a sample from us (or the seller you wish to purchase from) and trying it out before you order the full design.

If you wish to use your vinyl outside, or need us to consider other environments, please contact us with your requirements and we can let you know the product options we have available.