How to....

Send your files

1. Your images

Collect together all the images you want us to use. Please name the files clearly (for example, 'John Smith.jpg'). Also provide us with the best quality image that you can to ensure the best quality print. Ideally, images should be 300dpi (dots per inch) with a width of 15cm or more. We're good, but we can't work miracles with image files that are too small, fuzzy or out of focus!

2. Text

We will send you a template to be completed and returned to us. Please check your information and spelling is correct as we can not be held accountable for these errors if they are incorrectly submitted.


3. Send us the information

Email  your files, or if they are too big, drop us a line and we will arrange an alternative transfer method. If you prefer, put them on your own Dropbox or WeTransfer account and send us a link.


IMPORTANT: Please check all your information, quality of images and spelling as we cannot be responsible for any errors on the final prints that are the result of incorrectly submitted information or images.