Where can I use my business timeline (apart from on my office wall)?

With most products, you can be restricted with where you can use them. This is not the case with a bespoke business timeline. We know there are thousands of you that simply do not work in an office or have people that visit your workspace, so does that mean you shouldn't communicating your brand story? Hell no!

We at Squark love creating business timelines in all forms (not just office wall art). We have seen with our own eyes what a massive impact it can have for a company by improving engagement and lead generation and we are always excited to help every business story.

So here are Squark Design’s we have created a list of the top places that you can use a company timeline that engages with you ideal customer (that isn't on you office wall!)

Top 5 places to use a company timeline that IS NOT on your office wall!


Using your timeline on your website, especially on your ‘about us’ page is a fantastic way for people to take time and start to understand the face(s) behind the brand. It can really make your business come alive and create brand personality.


Create confidence in your brand by using your company timeline on folders, in catalogues, brochures and more. Establishing your brand as the reliable expert in your industry. For people to know your successes and struggles can create an instant emotion with your brand.

Social media:

Turn your key timeline moments into social media posts. By creating an image to go with each key moment you can showcase your brand personality and determination to your ideal customer and let everyone get to know the face(s) behind the brand.


Bring trust and brand confidence in to your presentations by using your timeline in your presentations. Show why you are the expert and that people would be wise to listen and take note of your knowledge so they can become as successful as you.


Create a visual impact by using your timeline on an events display or backdrop banner. Show your diversity, perseverance and knowledge and ensure people know that you are the experts in your industry and that you are here to stay.

So there you have it, 5 amazing ways to engage with your ideal customer by using your brand story in a company timeline.


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