What is involved in having a professionally designed digital backdrop?

Updated: Jan 28

If you have decided that yes, my business could really benefit from having a digital backdrop then you will now need to know what is involved in creating one that works!

First thing’s first

Before you do anything check that your computer and computer program will run a digital background. Most programmes will give you a generic background already loaded up for you to try. If this works then you should be fine to go ahead in your decision to have a professionally designed digital backdrop.

If your computer is on the ‘older’ side and it’s operating system is up to date, and this feature is not available then the only option I know is to purchase a new computer or hard wear. I am not a computer wizard, and there maybe knowledgable IT people that can tell you there are other options, but updating your computer is the only way I know to solve this problem.

What I need to run a digital backdrop?

There are lots of computers out there, so I would recommend talking to the manufacturer of your computer to get a clear idea of your options.


DO NOT order a digital backdrop if your system will not run it. It is your responsibility alone to ensure your systems will run the background. Backdrop designers will not be held responsible if you have ordered a company backdrop and the system will not run it.

If you are unsure how to check if your computer will run a background, please click here.

My system can run a backdrop - so what‘s next?

You need to have a think about a few things before going any further.

1. What do you want my background to say?

What are your values, key messages or company ‘why’? Keep them short and to the point. I always ask my clients to tell me what makes them so different from their competitors - that is the information you need to communicate rather than ‘I offer great customer service!’

2. Imagery

If you have any company imagery that you would like included this should be supplied. I recommend that companies do not use stock imagery as this doesn’t reflect the company personality and therefore the impact can be reduced dramatically.

3. Logo/Branding

You will need to supply a quality version of your logo. An eps version is best. If you are a new company ensure your branding is looking exactly how you want before you start promoting it.

4. Contact

I have seen so many backdrops where there are multiple contact options. Just use one and that should be the point of contact that you prefer the most. Too many and people don’t know which one to choose and therefore don’t bother.

5. How you are seen on screen?

What type of meetings do you take? One-to-ones? Networking? Do you present online courses or presentations? How many people are in the room? Your screen size will depend on this so all of the above needs to be sharp, snappy and to the point to make the impact you desire.

6. What programme you use?

Whether you use Google, Teams, Zoom or any of the other online conferencing or networking platform the designer will need to know what you use. Each of the platforms need the artwork supplying differently.

I know what I want - what next?

Find a designer that you like. A designer that communicates well and that can put their own design preferences aside to highlight your business in the best way possible for you - the business owner.

How can I find a designer?

Squark Design create digital backdrops but if we aren’t your cup of tea try asking people you know to see if they can recommend someone in your area. Failing that try Yell.com or type in graphic designers followed by your local area In to your preferred search engine.

What should I ask them?

  1. How does it work?

  2. How much does it cost?

  3. How does your proofing system work?

  4. When do I need to pay?

  5. What do you need from me?

  6. Do you help me set it up?

  7. What communications programme you use? (Zoom, teams, Google etc)

What should I pay for a custom designed digital background?

Once you have found a designer find out what they are charging. Squark Design charge £99 for one custom designed virtual backdrop, but prices can vary from £5-£180 but check on what you get for your money. Every designer offers different things so note down what you want, along with budget and see what you can get. Remember that this backdrop is advertising your business. Promoting a one off advert in a newspaper or magazine could cost between £100-£400 for one issue so think about your long term marketing and advertising plans for your business.

The conversation

When you have found a designer you like you will need to have a conversation. Whether this is done over email, telephone or online meeting having a conversation with your designer is integral. They need to understand your brand before they they even start work so they can promote the messaging and company personality and individuality in the right way. If your designer does not offer this option then walk away as you will get a templated design that may not work for your brand.

What should the conversation involve

- Talking about your business

- Your products or services

- Why you set up the business


We work electronically. This means we create a proof which we email to you as a pdf which you can view your designs on screen. You can email back any amendments or opinions. Some electronic methods allow you to do this online.

I have the final design - what now?

We like to see the job through to the end and help our clients upload it. This way we can ensure that it is working around the client and it also ensures the client is 100% happy and not left asking questions or worrying. I insist on doing this for clients that know how to upload digital backdrops as I need to be sure that everything is sitting right, perfectly legible and working well for the client.

What if the digital background doesn’t work

If it doesn’t work due to the system not being able to run it, this is something you should have checked before employing someone to

Do I need to use a green screen with my backdrop?

No. We have worked with many companies that use our backdrops without a green screen. A green screen can give you better quality image but it isn't necessary.

Further helpful information

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