Squark Interiors Wall Art Awards 2020

Over the last 18 months I have seen some amazing and inspiring pieces of wall art. Here are my top finds in 2020 and I hope they inspire you to make boring walls more inspiring.

There are no physical prizes available for the award winners at this time - just the satisfaction of being our favourites!

1. Best Service Station Wall Art Award:

Gloucester Services Northbound

For communicating information about their local area in a modern and stylish way and for putting themselves at the centre of their community. Using modern artwork using on-trend colours and fonts. Vibrant and engaging artwork that really makes you like you feel comfortable and want to spend time and money there.

Website: www.gloucesterservices.com/

2. Best Use of Outdoor Wall Art:

Coney Street, York

This entrance way on Coney Street in York makes me smile. Using modern pattern, style and colour in an otherwise dull space they have now created a visually interesting piece of art. This wall could just have been left as a concrete wall which would be a magnet for vandalism. I applaud whoever created this.

Website: www.visityork.org/

3. Best Use of Wall Mosaic Award:

Truro Station, Cornwall

This large mosaic wall at Truro Station is stunning to look at and very tactile. The mosaic depicts the link between the railway and the area's maritime heritage. Visually appealing and communicates the areas history for tourists coming to the area. Brilliant use of wall space.

Website: www.gwr.com/

4. Best Hand Created Illustrated Wall Map Award:

Windmill Tearooms, Wimbledon Common

This beautiful wall art educates, informs and engages on multiple levels. Using a hand painted illustration creates a homely and warm environment for you to spend time and enjoy your time in the cafe. Also an excellent way of putting your business at the centre of it's community.

Website: www.windmilltearooms.com/

5. Best Use of Wall Art In A Small Space Award:

Hub by Premier Inn

This is a clever way to make a small room feel larger. Keeping the artwork within a limited colour palette makes the room feel larger rather than smaller. Using the right type of artwork in a small space makes the clientele focus on the wall rather than the room.

Website: www.premierinn.com

6. Best Retail Impact Wall Award:

Walkers of Stamford

Using your retail subject as your wall art image focuses the mind of the retailer. Walkers Bookshop has a magazine, chocolate, gift and bookshop section under one roof, so guiding the retailer with an eye-catching piece of wall art up to the bookshop area on the second floor is a fantastic piece of design. Creating wall art like this should be considered if you have a multi-level building. The scale and impact of this wall is amazing.

Website: walkersbookshops.co.uk/

7. Toilet Wall Decor Award:

Virgin Trains

Toilets are often forgotten about, so I applaud Virgin Trains for using wipeable wall art on their toilet doors. It makes them a more pleasurable place to be, takes the user to a more peaceful place (as we all know train toilets are not the most fun place to be) and it also reduces vandalism. Virgin Trains are no longer in use, but I wanted to include this in my awards.

8. Frosted Window Art Award:

Arlo & Jacob, Fulham High Street

Using window stickers are a great way to use a space to your advantage. Arlo & Jacob have centred themselves at the centre of their community with the beautifully designed door window sticker. It is inviting, draws people over to the shop but still lets the light into the inside space. Brilliant design, styling and execution.

Website: www.arloandjacob.com/

9. Behind The Tills Wall Art Award:


Using wall art behind your tills is the way to go. It makes it easier for customers to find your till area, engages them while they are waiting, visually appealing to all that work and shop in the store and centres this store at the centre of its community - what is there not to like. Primark have done this for a number of their stores and this is why I award them the Behind The Tills Wall Art award.

Website: www.primark.com/en

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