What is the difference between a wall decal and a wall sticker?

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

This is one of the most regularly asked question I get asked, so sit down with a lovely cup of tea and let me explain.

Wall Stickers

Stickers are generally an adhesive product that can be simply peeled off a backing paper before application to the desired surface. They can be made of lots of different materials, but PVC-vinyl or polyester are the most common.

Wall Decals

Decals often consist of several separate parts whether it be cut shapes or words that come together to form a design. It would be difficult and timely to apply each piece individually and therefore needs three different parts to make application easier. Decals have a backing paper, the design itself and a transfer surface on top. Thanks to this transfer surface they can be applied to walls exactly as they were designed to. Decals are almost always produced in PVC-vinyl, as this useful material provides the elasticity and hard-wearing surface required for these tougher jobs.

What if I am not sure which one I want?

To make sure that the product is right for you and for the environment you want to put it in, it is always wise to request a sample from the supplier. Feel it, apply it, remove it and see if you like the print on the sticker or decal. Also speak to the supplier. Ask them any questions you may have so you can push aside any concerns you may have before you purchase.


Need further help?

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