Is your business suffering an identity crisis?

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

There are so many faceless companies out there. We don’t know who runs them, what they do or why they do it, which leaves us with the question; why should we care about them or do business with them?

Over the years I have visited many offices and businesses where all that greets the visitor is bland magnolia-painted wall. Occasionally you might get the slow torture of a ticking clock as well, while you watch people walk by staring into their phones as you wait for a meeting to start. One beautiful summer day when I would much rather have been outside, I found myself pondering the following question – ‘Why don’t companies use these blank wall spaces to promote themselves, their people and how great they are?’

Wouldn’t we prefer to discover a little bit about the company we are visiting while we wait? And surely shouting about your company’s achievements, history and values is far superior to a blank wall?

What are my options?

Squark Design focuses on four key areas of a business and identifies the one that will generate the most interaction or impact from staff or visitors.

1. The story...

There is always an interesting story about why, or how, a business got started. Most people and staff don’t know about the early days unless they were there from the outset. This can really help staff and visitors connect with a business.

2. Core Values...

If you have them, use them. Did you know that 88% of employees who know their company’s core values are more engaged? Do your customers and employees know your core values?

3. Achievements...

Being British, we tend to be reserved about our achievements. Stop it!  Successful businesses work hard, and there’s no harm in reminding yourself, clients and staff about your achievements to create positivity and pride.

4. Your Branding...

Your branding is your businesses. It is the most recognisable image your business will ever use. Putting your logo ‘front and centre’ will leave visitors in no doubt that you are proud of your business and the people who make it great.

Ok, but how can I make it happen?

Contact us. We provide a bespoke service, tailored to your specific requirements. We listen to your story so that we can discover what you do, and why you do it. This understanding is essential in allowing us to create the perfect wall art for you and your budget. We can advise on what will work in your space and what materials we can use to create maximum impact.

If you have rented office space, don’t worry we have solutions for that too.

We love to make wall art that helps businesses take pride in what they do, value the people who matter and generate them more sales.


Need further help?

Still not sure what to do? Have some questions? Just ask us. We would rather you ask the question before you peel off the backing paper.

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