Is having a digital company backdrop right for me?

Updated: Jan 28

With virtual meetings and networking events now a regular event in our working life, is now the time to consider if a digital backdrop is right for your business. Can it provide you with a professional look that elevates you above your competitors? Believe it or not it doesn’t work for everyone, but in the right industry a professionally designed digital backdrop can reap rewards.

Whether you prefer to use one or not, you should always do what makes you feel comfortable and what is right for you and your business. No two businesses or business owners are the same so it is down to the individual to work out what is right for them.

It comes down to what kind of meetings you have and what you want to achieve from them, how you want to communicate and what kind of impression you want to give. A digital background does not suit everyone.

But if you are wondering if it is right for you or not, Squark Design has looked into the positives and negatives of all the options

The first question to ask yourself is…

What do I want to achieve by having a digital backdrop?

If you want to stand out, elevate your business over others in your industry, communicate key messages and values, boost interest and leads and showcase your brand, then I would seriously consider a backdrop.

If you want the person to know you first before the business, you want to build a relationship slowly, you don’t know your values or messages or you feel more comfortable being you in your space, then there is no need to read any further unless you are curious.

What kind of meetings do you have?

It depends what kind of meetings you have, what kind of business you have and what you want to achieve In your business. Let’s look at a few options:

Networking meetings/events

If you network a lot I would say having a well designed backdrop helps you stand out on those overwhelming gallery walls. There are so many blank walls in gallery view that the brain just shuts off because there is no information for it to process. By having a backdrop you can attract people that are looking for your product or service and stop people that have no interest in you at all, giving more time for you to focus on positive leads. Having a company backdrop also helps you stand out when there are people in the same industry as you. If there were two accountants, one with and one without a professional branded backdrop - which would you be drawn to first?

Team and company meetings

If you have meetings between colleagues then I would say a digital background isn’t needed unless you want to consider your team’s security. Not all people want their homes on view - I know because I am one of them. I want to choose what people see and inside my home is not one of them.

Client meetings

If you are a company that wants to promote a professional image and elevate yourself over any competitors then I would certainly consider a professional backdrop. You have to ask yourself what your clients would expect to see when they meet online with you. Would they expect to see the inside of your home or office or a company backdrop? It depends who you are aiming at but put yourself in the customers shoes to answer this question.

Promote your business even when your not talking


I created a poll where I asked what people used as a background when online.

42% Had digital or physical backgrounds

38% Used a home or office backdrop

13% Physical backdrops (banners, wall art etc)

8% Other

I use a digital backdrop so I was surprised by the by the outcome. I wanted to know why so many didn’t use one. After chatting to many non-background users here is what I found out.

Why people DON’T use a company backdrop

  1. They don’t see the value in it

  2. They like to show themselves before talking business

  3. Feel that a business backdrop is like asking for a sale before finding out what the client wants

  4. Networking and meetings are a social event

  5. They don’t know why they should have one

  6. Don’t like them

It is really interesting to hear this perspective and if that works for your business, but before you settle back into your chair, consider the reasons for having one.

Why companies SHOULD use a company backdrop

If you get it right, and know what you are doing a digital backdrop should…

  1. Promote your brand even when you are not speaking

  2. If you have a team, ensure they are all communicating the same strong company message.

  3. Let everyone know what makes you the person to do business with

  4. Make you look professional and unforgettable

  5. Use your background as security screen when home working to protect you and any team members from your personal home life

  6. Elevate your business brand above others

If I wanted to use a company backdrop, what are my options?

By using a backdrop you can ensure people listen to what you have to say instead of becoming distracted by objects behind you. There are 3 options you could look at introducing into your digital meetings.

  1. Your branding as a wall sticker behind your desk - A quick, efficient and cost effective option

  2. A digital background - You can either create one yourself or invest in getting one professionally designed that will communicate your company message correctly and boost your leads.

  3. A physical backdrop - There are a few options you could have such as a self adhesive wallpaper or a roller banner. These can also be used for social media, video or photography backdrops and therefore makes a cost effective and multi-purpose option.

Why digital backgrounds are rubbish

You never thought I’d say this did you? With everything there are always downsides, and it is my job to tell you them and you can decide whether a digital or physical backdrop is right for you.

I disappear into them

Yes that can happen. This varies on colours, software, lighting and what you are wearing. It can make it distracting for other meeting members and annoying for you. This can be improved by not having a window behind you or using a green screen.

They make me feel uncomfortable

I personally find the whole online meeting event uncomfortable, but a digital background can be distracting and make people feel less confident. They end up asking themselves lots of questions. Am I sitting in the right place? Am I covering up any words or images on my background? Do I look silly?

They take too long to load

Sometimes they can take a while, but this is normally down to either the file size or format of your background. Always try it out first to see how you feel.

They look cheap

Palm trees, beach holidays, space or cityscapes. Using stock imagery that has nothing to do with your brand not only cheapens you but your brand too. If you are serious about your brand do not use a ‘joke’ background.

Make Your Own vs Professionally Designed

Depending on your budget, vision or design talent you may want to look at designing your own against hiring someone else to do it.

Make your own


Can be done quickly

Professionally Designed

Different perspective on your company

Know where to place each element for the best results

Uses the right messaging that will elevate your business

Costs involved

How much does a digital background cost?

It varies and can depend where you go. You can go to places like Fiverr right through to design agencies. You could be looking at anywhere from £5 to £180. In this case like so many you get what you pay for.

So… Is it right for me?

Now you have read this above you will see it comes down to what kind of meetings you have and what you want to achieve In them. How you want to communicate and what kind of impression you want to give. A background does not suit everyone so if a company branded backdrop isn’t right for you, then you should carry on without one.


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