Is having a bespoke company timeline right for me?

Updated: Mar 4

Telling your company story is a fantastic way to get engagement from within your company and any prospective clients. When people know you're about your journey, both the good times and the learning curves you have had to work through make you really relatable and adds a face to behind the brand.

But a company timeline starts and ends with you - the business owner. Only you know your story, so whether you make your timeline in house or use Squark Design to do it for you, you will need to be involved at some level. To get a timeline to work for you in marketing and engagement, you need to be able to designate time to it. You may feel it isn’t worth your time, or you don’t see it as important. If you feel like this there is no need for you to read any further.

With companies spending thousands on print media, advertising, marketing and networking per month to get the awareness and engagement they require to gain lead generation, some companies are now taking a more innovative, inspiring and cost effective approach by focusing their marketing on their brand story and personality rather than the product or service that they are selling.

Customers look for companies that have the same ethos as themselves, and when they find companies that match that beliefs they have been known to stick with that company six times longer.

FACT: 81% of people say trust is a deciding factor in their purchasing decisions

Is a business timeline right for me?

The first question to ask yourself is…

What do I want to achieve by having a bespoke company timeline?

If you are looking for a magic way to double your income then I think you maybe asking a little too much from your company timeline. If you are you looking for ways to set yourself apart from competitors, elevate your business over others in your industry or maybe you are looking for a different way communicate your brand story in order to receive quality leads and establish your business as the experts in your field then having a business timeline may be a good fit for your business.

To find out if is right for you we have tried to answer as many questions as we can so you can make sure that this decision is the right one for you.

Why companies SHOULD use a company timeline

If you get it right, and know what you are doing a brand story timeline should…

  1. Use your brand story to create engagement

  2. Create brand confidence

  3. Show the human element behind the brand

  4. Look professional and unforgettable

  5. Elevate your business brand above others in your industry

  6. Become the expert in your field

Why companies SHOULD NOT use a company timeline

Brand story timelines are not needed by everyone. Here’s why…

  1. You are a new business

  2. You don’t have a website

  3. When you are not looking or needing to engage with prospective clients or staff

  4. You prefer the traditional ways of marketing your business

  5. You don’t do any marketing and get your work from word of mouth

  6. You feel it is not right or will not benefit you or your business

Creating a business timeline starts and ends with you!

As the statement above says, creating a timeline really does start and end with you. Only you know your story. Only you have lived through it, and only you can retell it. With that in mind you have 2 options.

1. You can start compiling your own timeline

Doing this can seem a bit overwhelming, but you just need to start writing things down (or typing if you prefer). You don’t have to start at the beginning - just jot down the ones in your mind.

TOP TIP: Write down each key moment on a sticky note and stick them across your office wall. By doing this you can move them around and can add and remove them with ease.

2. Get help to create your timeline

We find most business owners who see the benefit of a company time want to be closely involved, but we understand what business is like, so if you are struggling to find the time, we can come and create your company timeline for you. We can sit with you (in person or virtually) and interview you about your business. We will then create your bespoke company timeline for you.

(Please contact us to find out more about this process).

Where can I use my business timeline?

With most products, you can be restricted with where you can use them. This is not the case with a bespoke business timeline. We know there are thousands of you that simply do not work in an office or have people that visit your workspace, so does that mean you shouldn't be communicating your brand story? Hell no!

Timelines can be used in a multiple of ways (not just wall art) both digitally and physically in your business. These can range from your website right through to event displays. We have seen with our own eyes what a massive impact it can have for a company by improving engagement and lead generation and we are always excited to help every business story.

To find out the best places to use your timeline, please click here

TOP TIP: If you think a timeline is right for you, you must take time to decide is where placing it would benefit your business best. Where will people see and engage with you so you can take it on to your next level - whether a consultation or entering in your marketing or sales funnels.

What do I need to think about if I would like my timeline on the wall?

Having a timeline on your wall is so impactful, but there are the top 3 things you need to consider.

1. Space: You will need to make sure you have enough space to put a timeline. Depending on how many years your business has been in business will obviously vary. Below is a rough guide to sizes for our wave timeline design. You should also consider if you would want to add to the timeline in the future.

2. Wall finish: You may have a smooth plaster and painted wall or maybe a rough or natural material finish. You need to consider this right at the beginning to be able to receive the right product and cost.

3. Movability: Do you want to be able to move the timeline from building to building (if you are planning to move premises or room to room if reorganising or restructuring? Looking ahead can save making costly mistakes.

Click here to read more on ‘What is involved in having a bespoke business timeline?’

How much does a timeline cost?

There are so many variables it is hard to put an exact price on it. It depends on where you want to use it, what material or design would be best for your space, whether you’d like a template design or a bespoke one and of course - how many years you have been in business. Prices can vary from £500-£2,500. If you are budgeting for having a timeline please just chat to us and get a no obligation quote based on your requirements.

We are in the middle of creating an estimate costing guide for the website. This will be available shortly.

How long do I need to be business before having a business timeline?

As a guideline we suggest that around 10 years in business is a good time to start one. When a business reaches this point it has become established and is confident in their messaging, values and brand promise. They have had plenty of success and learning curves so creating an inspiring and engaging timeline becomes really impacting.

But saying this - every business is different.

I have met entrepreneurs that have made a million pound business within five years and how they got there is such an innovating story. You need to look at what you have done in your journey to see if it will create engagement to your prospective customer and value to your business.

Being honest

To create a relatable timeline you need to be able to talk about the learning curves you have gone through along with the successes. Most business owners don’t want to talk about ‘mistakes’ but I don’t believe they are mistakes. No business goes into something knowing that it wont turn out well for them, they go in believing that it will bring success for their business and sometimes that creates a learning curve. This may become advantageous for the company which can become an inspiring story how changing the direction created business growth, or it could be that the business suffered but you're determined as business owners brought it back from the brink. There are so many variations to the outcome of this section it is really worth spending time thinking about.

My story isn’t very exciting!

I have heard this over and over again, and I can say with certainty that it is. You are very close to your brand and your journey so your perspective on it is very different to those on the outside of your business.

I also find business owners that say this haven’t looked at their journey in depth and have only remembered just a couple points and decided that ‘they aren’t exciting.’ To create an inspiring and engaging timeline you need to look at all the different elements of the journey, and that includes your learning curves. Also the other reason I know your story is inspiring is that people are buying your product. If they buy it, they like it, they need it so you are helping people already. When creating your company timeline you need to look at it from the outsiders prospective. Ask yourself what you would like to know about your competitors and start there!

So… Is it right for me?

Now you have read the above you will see it comes down to a few different factors which you will need to consider, but the main one is do you see the value in telling your brand story? If you do then a timeline may be the right decision for you.

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