Decor ideas to help promote your business

I read a post on Linkedin a few weeks ago that said we spend 93% of our lives indoors, and that most of those are spent at work - and that was before the pandemic! This statistic terrified me, but no-one can argue that we spend far more time indoors than we used to. I believe it is important that we do everything we can to make the areas in which we spend the majority of our time more relaxing and inspiring. Here are some great wall decor ideas to help promote your business and fully engage your staff.

Who are you?

What do you do as a company? Are your clients aware of all the services you offer? Putting it on your website or print advertising is OK, but often people scan-read text for the bit that relates directly to them. You can often pick up new business from existing clients by making them aware of the other services you provide. Using large scale canvas art in 'high traffic areas' communicating your services can be an effective way of doing this.

Share your Core Values

Did you know that employees who are familiar with their company’s core values are statistically far more likely to take pride in that business? If you’ve taken the time to establish core values for your business, make sure your staff know what they are and buy into them. One proven method is to spell out those values as wall art in your reception area or in meeting rooms. In both locations, visiting clients will be in no doubt about your company values and aims.

Your Story

Through my design business, I work with a wide variety of companies and I find that there is always an interesting story about why, or how, a business was founded. Most employees and visitors don’t know about those early days unless they were there from the outset. I have never met any business owner who doesn’t have interesting and inspiring stories to tell about the development of their business. Sharing that can really can help staff and clients to understand why you do what you do and the passion behind it. Putting your company story into a wall vinyl timeline communicating all the highs and lows of your journey certainly makes you more relatable.

Shout about your achievements!

When a company wins an award, or achieves something amazing, I’m often surprised about how little they do to capitalise on that achievement. Maybe they were on the television, in a newspaper or received an award at a prestigious ceremony. Two weeks later, everyone has forgotten about it! To be nominated or achieve success in business is something to shout about. I celebrated reaching my first year in business - I was so proud I made it in a tough economic climate as many businesses aren’t so fortunate. We can be so reserved about our achievements but we need to stop it! Successful businesses work hard and there’s no harm in reminding yourself, clients and staff about your achievements to generate positivity and pride. Creating a design on canvas, wall vinyls or wallpapers can be a great way to do this.

Create impact

Use your walls to communicate positive messages, stories and achievements about your company. Information, statistics and milestones can be displayed in a diagrammatic and impactful way on your walls. Timelines, wallpapers, large print and canvas wall art is a great way to communicate those messages, generating pride in your achievements and impressing clients.


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