Are you ready to put your plans into action?

As we all start preparing to head back to work, we are now able to put some of those plans we made over lockdown into place. Do not forget about them until the next outbreak. Get all your government measures in place to ensure the safety to yourself and your staff, but then go about putting some of your plans into action.

Here are 7 plans you should have in place and what you should be doing with them right now.

1. Strategy Plan

Dig out that strategy plan you made for when your business came out of lockdown. You have taken the time to get prepared so let’s put it into action. If you haven’t made a plan, do one as soon as possible. All businesses know mistakes are inevitable when we ‘wing it’. Yes, things will come up that we haven’t planned for, but being prepared as much as possible is the best thing for any business.

2. Branding

One of the top considerations on the ‘lockdown planning list’ was branding. Does your current branding still reflect you as a business? Have you established new branches or diversified into new markets? Review all your branding and assess whether it still communicates your core values. Maybe the logo you started with years ago is no longer fit for purpose and a refresh is required. This is a great time to start putting those ideas and plans into action.

3. Make it Happen

We all know that the best ideas come along at the most unexpected times. If you’re anything like me, you have great ideas for your business all the time but are normally too busy to put them into practice. In lockdown a lot of businesses took the time to look at their ideas again, do their research, costings and put a plan in place to make them happen. Now is that time to make it happen.

4. Appearance

Prospective clients, staff and guests form an opinion of your business within 20 seconds of arriving at your premises. What do your car parks, green areas, reception areas and interior walls look like? Are they tidy? Do they represent your brand? Are your areas tidy and clean? Now is the time that all these things can be improved on or put plans in place to make them happen. A clean and fresh look will get everyone motivated when they return to work.

5. Sand out from the crowd

We all have competitors but what makes YOU special? Why do you do what you do? What are your core values? Lockdown was a great time to make that list, and many of you did. Knowing and communicating these key values can make marketing your business a lot easier and form a lasting impression on your clients. Wall art is one of the tried and tested ways to do this. Having this information on your walls clear for everyone to see shows clients and staff that you are strong, confident, have direction and that the business is here to stay.

6. Your Key Messages

Why do you do what you do? Why should we buy from you? Having made your list on 'why you stand out from the crowd', you now need to make sure everyone knows about why you are so special. The best way to engage with your clients is through your reception area. Everyone passes through it and your prospective clients wait in it. Take this ability to strengthen your brand. Tell your clients why you do what you do. Your company story. Your core values. Brand values. The reason and passion behind why you do what you do. This will not only make you become more relatable but also a face behind your branding. A bonus to this is that your staff will understand all these values to so will be able to communicate that and you will all end up working towards the same goal. You become a very powerful force.

7. Get Ready

As we have started to see, many people are wanting to get out and start spending money on meals, entertainment, products, services and travelling. If you haven’t already, now is the time to put your action plan into place to get those great incentives up and running to drive some of those sales your way.

Finally... I wish all companies affected by this crisis a speedy recovery.

If you would like any help with your communicating your brand please do not hesitate to contact me.

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