8 Useful pegboards for home offices and workspaces

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Pegboards have long been a favourite practical storage solution for workspaces. There are so many styles to choose from, so to help you, here are Squark Design's top 8 useful and funky peg boards to give your office space a useful and unique ‘wow factor’.

Please note that information and prices were correct at time of posting.

Peg-it-all Large Pegboard with Pegs & Shelves

By Kreis Design

Price: £195.00

Size: Height: 114cm Width: 66cm

Accessories: Comes with 4 shelves, 6 straight pegs

Website link: CLICK HERE

Wire Mesh Memo Board - Grey

By Block Design

Price: £55.00

Size: 81.3cm x W61cm

Accessories: Fixtures included as well as 6 fold-back clips and 3 ‘S’ hooks.

Website link: CLICK HERE

Ashwicke Memo Board - Ash

By Garden Trading

Price: £45

Size: (H) 50 x (W) 30 x (D) 2 cm

Website link: CLICK HERE

SKÅDIS Pegboard Combination - White

By Ikea

Price: £26

Size: Width: 56 cm Depth: 12 cm Height: 56 cm

Website link: CLICK HERE

Foldable Metal Organiser Memo Board with Accessories

By Gadgy

Price: £18.49

Size: 31,5 x 23,5 Inch

Accessories: We include 10 wooden clips, 6 S-shape metal hooks and 2 baskets to promote your creativity. Stick your memories on the wall and attach small plants in the holders to personalise your house.

Website Link: CLICK HERE

Pegboard organiser and shelf (Set of three pegboards)

By Solidhorse

Price: £201.91

The kit includes: A board measuring 60x60 cm and two boards measuring 30x30 cm

(when assembled it is a total size of 90x60 cm).

2 x Rectangular shelf with pins 12x40cm

2 x Rectangular shelf with pins 12x30cm

4 x Extra pins 12cm

1 x Mounting element 50cm

Website link: CLICK HERE

Birck Mesh Wall Mounted Photo Memo Board

By 17 Stories

Price: £79.99

Sizes: 52.5cm H x 34.5cm W x 10.5cm D

Accessories: Magnet(s) or Push Pin(s)

Website Link: CLICK HERE

Small Wooden Pegboard Shelf

By Block Design

Price: £18.00

Size: 240mm x 50mm x 9mm

Accessories: Pegboard shelf brackets have a radius of 45mm and are fitted with pegs to fit the 6mm holes of all Block Pegboards.

Website link: CLICK HERE


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