8 of the Best Gold Picture Frames

Gold picture frames can add flair, personality and atmosphere to an otherwise blank and boring wall to create an understated, elegant space. Either by using one single large gold frame or grouping a mixture of smaller frames with different styles to create a gallery wall, you will certainly add a desirable focal point with a wow factor!

We have picked out our favourites ranging in style and pricing.

Please note that information and prices were correct at time of posting.

Gold Swept Frame

By FramesRus.co.uk

Price: £33.94

Internal Frame Size: 12 x 16"/ 305 x 406mm

Frame Width: 2" / 51mm

Rebate Depth: 9mm

Website Link: CLICK HERE

Lomviken Gold Frame

By Ikea

Price: £11

Size: 40x50 cm

Website link: CLICK HERE

Gold Vintage Photo Frame

By Dunelm

Price: £12

Size: 10" x 8" (25cm x 20cm)

Website link: CLICK HERE

Classic Gold Flake Picture Frames

By Alison Kingsgate on Etsy

Price: From £13.99

Size: A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 6x4 36x24 (All Sizes Available)

Website link: CLICK HERE

Brompton Picture Frame

By Marlow Home Co. on Wayfair

Price: £18.49

Size: Many sizes available including A3 and A2

Website link: CLICK HERE

Daya Photo Frame

By John Lewis

Price: £20

Size: 6 x 8” (15x20cm)

Website link: CLICK HERE

Desenio Gold Frame

By Desenio

Price: From £5.95 - £39.95

Size: Many sizes available

Website link: CLICK HERE

Lerboda Gold Hanging Frame

By Ikea

Price: £6

Size: 20x25 cm

Website link: CLICK HERE


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