7 Business & Retail Design Wall Art Ideas for 2021

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Creating a relaxing and enjoyable place to spend time is a big draw not only for your clientele but for your staff present and future. It is proven that engaging with your customer base, telling your company story or showing that there is a face behind the brand improves leads and sales.

It is shown that staff in companies that promote their company using wall decor in the working environment left staff feeling that the company had confidence in their business, that their job is more secure and are therefore they are less likely to look for work elsewhere. That is great new for business owners as they spend less time recruiting.

On a personal level we spend so much of our time at work that it is worthwhile making it a place to spark creativity, inspiration and confidence to those who see it.

Here are some really strong, modern and graphical ideas for your working environment.

Using a feature wall

You don’t have to go with strong colours like this at all, but creating a focal point that makes people stop in their tracks is a worthwhile proposition. If it is in a reception area give them something to read such as your company story, your motto or marketing messages. Remind them how great you are, build confidence and engagement in your brand.

image: archinect.com
Image: Squark Design

Walls, floors and ceilings

With corridors you can be more daring. Use strong patterns along with your branding colours. Giving someone something to focus on can be inviting and guide people subconsciously where you want them to go, such as a meeting room. If done right it can create a comforting feeling and be memorable for those that visit and work there.

image: Kararo
image: interiordesign.net

Reception areas/Till points

Having an eye-catching area behind where you want someone to go is an obvious thing to do, but really make it a feature. Use materials, fonts and colours that come from your brand and match that with materials that will work with or contrast against its backdrop. Use lighting that is welcoming and not to bright, or to0 hot to stand under.

image: Toma Studio


All buildings need support, and they can often be seen as a hinderance. The easy option is to paint them. Another option is to create a feature from them like they have done here. If you have an icon, animal or something that relates to your brand - use it!


Bringing in the outdoors

There have been so many studies to show that even a picture of plants creates a positive reaction in people that I think it is so important to include plants somewhere in your scheme. As I just mentioned, they don’t have to be real or in pots on the ground. Use low maintenance eco friendly ones, paper ones or even a photo wall mural.

Breakout zones

A fantastic area for fun and creativity. Go bold, colourful and fun. An opportunity to add a bit of company personality and colour into the mix. Also a great way to identify where you will be having your meeting with someone or which changing room they should use. It is rarely the first thing people see when they enter your premises so you can afford to be a bit braver by either using paint colour or wall graphics. Do keep your colour pallet linked to your brand colours to ensure a cohesive look.

image: uk.businessinsider.com
image: interiordesign.net


If you have lots of glass then use that too. Create stylish or bold statements using your logo. A great way to identify zones or spaces and an opportunity to add a bit of interest into a space. Doing this is also a great safety feature too. It can give an element of privacy to those within the room. Using glass as an area to showcase your brand and add that element of privacy is a clever way to solve a problem.

image: officesnapshots.com
image: V Concepts

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