6 wall art tips to get engagement with your staff and clients.

Here are Squark Interiors top tips to really get your clients and staff engaged with your business. Make use of your wall space to really promote your business.

Large frame on wall with 3 spotlights shining on it. Words in frame say 'What should I put on my walls? by Squark Interiors'

1. Tell your story - Why did you set up business and tell people about your journey. The good bits and the bad. It makes you human and not a logo.

2. Promote your ‘why’ - Why you do what you do and why should people buy from you. Explain why you are different and why you care.

3. Promote company key messages/core values - Communicate what is important to you as a business. Tell people why it matters to you.

4. Talk about achievements - not just awards/nominations, but the things you do to help the local community along with any charity work, internships and apprenticeships.

5. Testimonials - nothing sells your business better than a testimonial, so display the best ones.

6. Put yourself in the centre of your community - maps of the local area with you in the centre of the map shows the area you care about most.

Ok, but how can I make it happen?

Contact us. We provide a bespoke service, tailored to your specific requirements. We listen to your story so that we can discover what you do, and why you do it. This understanding is essential in allowing us to create the perfect wall art for you and your budget. We can advise on what will work in your space and what materials we can use to create maximum impact.

If you have rented office space, don’t worry we have solutions for that too.

We love to make wall art that helps businesses take pride in what they do, value the people who matter and generate them more sales.

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