We believe brands can grow significantly when they communicate their story. Customers want to know, like and trust the brands they buy from.  

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Our beliefs and Values

Everything we design is focused on you or your business to help you engage, innovate and inspire. For us, it’s about creating a long term relationship with our clients.
We do this by visually communicating your brand story revealing your authenticity so you can build trust, loyalty and value in your brand while giving you the opportunity to see your brand in a whole new light.
We just happen to be award winning visual brand storytellers.

Our Story

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For us, it's all about creating long term relationship with our clients

We listen and make sure we understand your business.


If it's important to you then it's important to us.


We aim to change the way you think about design.


Our solutions are design around your brand needs.


From concept to completion, you can trust us to deliver.

Buying is an emotional reaction. You need to know, like and trust someone before you buy. You wouldn't buy from someone you didn't know or like - would you? 

About the Founder


This is me - Michelle. Founder of Squark Design. 

I have always loved design, right back as far as I can remember. My most treasured possession as a child was my yellow carry Crayola set. I loved that set. Nothing was ever out of place.

I would spend hours just drawing pictures. As I grew, it progressed to designing album cover designs.

​Design took me to a world of imagination that made me internally happy and fulfilled.

I went to collage and progressed my passion. Studying in art and design, sculpture, graphic design and photography. Experimenting with all the different materials and styles and learning about different artists. I had a short list of favourites, but I loved Dali most of all. His
 unusual perspective on life made me feel it was ok to think, and be different to the world around you.

Did I know what I wanted to do when I left college? Nope. Not one bit. I just loved learning and creating and I didn't think much further then my next piece of art.

I finally decided on magazine design, and landed a job at one of the most prestigious publishing companies in the UK. I worked there for over 12 years for different magazines, marketing and advertising departments.

I sadly had to leave as I was told that they wouldn't promote me any further as they were worried I'd get pregnant and have to find a replacement. At the time I was upset, now I see it was the best thing to ever happen to me.

I then set up Squark Design - and a whole new adventure and vision for the future soon started.

We don't work with everyone. It has to be a good fit for both parties for the magic to happen. 

Our Aims

- To give business owners the opportunity to see their brand in a whole new light
- To show that a brand story isn't just based on the past, but your vision for the future
- A Visual brand Storyteller turns facts into art
- Deliver brand communications through the workspace
- Create unifying work environments that reflect and energise your brand



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