Embrace your brand story and culture to provide an inspiring space that creates inspired minds.

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Solving your challenges with interior branding


Staff Wellbeing

I know happy people are effective people, but you don't know where to start.



The workspace doesn't reflect the business. I am embarrassed to invite people to the office.


I can't retain staff

I want the best in the business but I am struggling to keep hold of the staff I have.


Boost Productivity

I'd really like to get more ideas, creativity and excitement from my team.

Tell your story

By focusing on your individuality, we create interior branding that will increase brand trust, loyalty and value which creates long-lasting employees and loyal customer base.

The Office of National Statistics reported a 1.4% increase in worker productivity due to improvements in the work place.
People like to see they will be rewarded for hard work and dedication to the company

Improve productivity

Creating a inspiring and desirable environment for your team to flourish.

Productivity is shaped by a wide range of factors, but workplace environment is among the most significant and most frequently overlooked.


If a space doesn’t quite give people the environment they need to be creative, inspired or productive, the time lost to these inefficiencies can add up very quickly.


By using your brand personality we quickly and efficiently use interior branding to create an inspiring and desirable place for your team to flourish.


Feature walls, Branded Graphics and Reward Walls

Brand Confidence

Interior branding that creates an inspiring and desirable environment for your team to flourish.

If someone visits your office for the first time, what kind of impression do they get from your space?


When companies design their space to include interior branding which reflect their company culture, people can instantly get a strong sense of what the business is all about. But when there’s a disconnect between perception and reality, visitors and employees can get mixed messages and trust in the company can be compromised.


Using interior branding in your office to better reflect your brand personality will not only help improve perceptions of your brand, it will boost employee morale.


Business timelines, Branded Graphics and Zoning


Get the best

People tend to be drawn towards environments that inspire and engage them

Workplace perks aren’t limited to things such as free tea and coffee. Your space as a whole can be a benefit. Work is such a big part of our lives and it’s only natural for people to want to work in pleasant and productive surroundings.


People tend to be drawn toward environments that inspire and engage them. As people consider their career opportunities, whether they’re actively looking for a new job or are just wondering what options they have, office environment can be a factor in their final decision.


Staff Wall Light boxes, Company Value Wall Graphics and Reward Wall

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Your company is changing

There is never a bad time to consider how you feel when you are in your work space

Whether up or downsizing, companies evolve, and so do their demands of the space, team and environment they work in.


As a company changes, it’s a perfect time to take a good look at the feeling of your space. Could creating interior branded breakout zones, meeting areas or solo work areas can make a real difference to the productivity of your employees?


Movable partition walls, Business Timelines and Staff Walls

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Creating your interior branding with Squark


We help to turn your interior branding ideas into reality, while suggesting some ideas of our own that may benefit you and your space.


Using your brand, we create bespoke designs which encompass your brand personality, and work on them until you love them.


Apply them yourself, ask your contracted decorators to apply them or we can come and do it for you. What ever way you choose we are on hand to help.


How we can help



Business timelines that will engage and inspire both employees and prospective clients.



Don't hide your brand in a draw. Showcase your it on the walls in well used areas such in reception and meeting rooms. 



Create an unforgettable impact with a feature wall that will keep you in their mind for years to come.



Be brand confident and shine a light on your core values, messaging and testimonials by hanging them on the wall for all to see. 



Reward and staff photo walls made into branded art to ensure staff feel like a team.



Use branded backdrops for copyrighting your photography and on social media videos to ensure everyone knows who you.

Recent Projects


Everything we design is focused on you or your business to help you engage, innovate and inspire. For us, it’s about creating a long term relationship with our clients.

Our Promises to you

- We listen and make sure we understand your business
- If it's important to you then it's important to us
- Our ideas and solutions are designed around your story and values
- From concept to completion - we are with you every step of the way
- Working with Squark Design will change the way you think about design and the way you communicate

Our Aims

- To give business owners the opportunity to see their brand in a whole new light
- To show that a brand story isn't just based on the past, but your vision for the future
- A Visual brand Storyteller turns facts into art
- Deliver brand communications through the workspace
- Create unifying work environments that reflect and energise your brand