How to....

Measure your wall

1. Measure the height and width of your wall

Don't just measure at one point, measure at several points along the wall and record the largest number. Measure your wall in millimetres.

2. Alcoves & Different widths

As per the height instruction, take several measurements. With alcoves, combine all your width measurements and add together. Measure your wall in millimetres for maximum accuracy.

3. Check your measurements

Please ensure you check and double-check your measurements to make sure they are accurate. We cannot re-print your order for free if the measurements are supplied incorrectly.

4. For Wall Decals

Take the measurements (height and width in millimetres) of the space you want your design to fill. Also, please send us a photograph of the area so we can see what you want to fill.

5. Send the information

Supply us with those numbers and a picture of your wall(s). We will give you some extra 'wiggle room' on the height and width over your measurement to ensure your wallpaper will fit properly.

NOTE: Please ensure all measurements are correct when submitted as we cannot be responsible for the cost of reprints due to inaccurately measured walls.