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Denmarks Leading Model Railway Train Manufacturer


After feeling that they needed a fresh approach to their catalogue design, Heljan contacted me on the recommendation from a previous client. As I have worked in the train industry for many years, I have quite a good understanding of the detail and concentration required for such a project. They asked me my thoughts on what could be done to stand out from their competitors and I responded with three possible options. 


Heljan wanted to stand out more from the other train manufacturers and suppliers. They said they felt ‘lost’ at exhibitions and they weren’t standing out from competitors. They were producing great models and their vision for the future was filled with excitement. 


We spent a lot of time getting to know Heljan and their brand so we quickly knew what to do and the best way to create their vision within their budget. 


Knowledge and understanding of the Heljan products and services has been a key factor in producing their catalogue. The previous design ‘did the job’ but as a company they didn’t stand out from the other manufacturers. It was my job to create a clean, fresh and quality look and feel to the catalogue.  


Research was key, and the three designs I put forward, one stood out and was chosen. The client was excited and couldn’t wait to see the final product. It was the cover image that really set them apart. Instead of using a photo of a train or model, we decided as they were a manufacturer of model trains, using a CAD illustration was a fantastic way to showcase their brand.


I worked seamlessly with the team at Heljan to create the catalogue and the icons needed to identify the product specifications. Within three proofs, the project was completed. 


The catalogue was printed on a quality, but reasonably priced paper and different quantities dispatched to three destinations. The main base in Denmark, the UK Heljan representative and the Heljan spares department in the UK who would also sell the catalogue.

Helpful and quick to suggest improvements if required

"​​We’ve worked with Michelle at Squark Design for several years and we have always been delighted with the results. She has designed and arranged the production of various important items quickly and efficiently, from our annual product catalogue to event stands, advertisements, tablecloths and promotional material. She’s a pleasure to work with; always creative, helpful and quick to suggest improvements if required. She ‘gets’ the brief quickly, delivers what we ask for and is not afraid to ask if there’s anything she doesn’t understand. We would not hesitate to recommend her services to other businesses."

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Kim Nannestad, Owner,
Heljan A/S, Denmark



After the latest catalogue design, we were quickly brought in to create two stand designs for their UK exhibition tour. After the pandemic, Heljan were ready to go and had already booked into shows - the first being just six weeks away.


The exhibition stands, one for small and large scale exhibitions, had to ensure brand consistency, but Heljan really wanted to stand out. In previous events they felt small and ignored and for a large brand they didn’t want this to continue. 


We suggested that if they wanted to stand out, they needed to showcase their individuality - and suggested we take the catalogue style (as that had such positive feedback from customers and suppliers), and transform that into an exhibition stand. 


Heljan embraced the idea. Squark worked alongside a stand building company to build a stand they would feature all the key aspects they needed (e.g storage and racking for products) yet created a wow impact for the brand.


Digital visuals were created and provided for Heljan’s approval, but their reaction to seeing their stand for the first time was just wonderful.


Even after their first catalogue design, Heljan received such an overwhelming response from their new brand identity. The brand has been modernised without us touching their established logo. We have made them stand out amongst very similar looking brand styles and now the Heljan brand stands out on it’s own, has grown in profits and brand value. 

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Catalogue Design / Exhibition Stand Design / Media Advertising / Icon Design & Infographics