How to....

Hang your vinyl wallpaper

1. Check your wallpaper

- Check all rolls required to complete your design have been supplied.
- Check the wallpaper will fill the height and width of your wall.
- Check all rolls are undamaged.
- Check the colours match roll to roll.

IMPORTANT: If there are any problems you must inform us prior to peeling off the backing paper.

2. Prepare your walls

- Let your new wallpaper acclimatise to the room in which it will be applied (by laying it out flat, if you can) for a minimum of 48 hours.
- Remove any dust and grease from your walls with a damp sponge. Ensure your wall is smooth, dry, clean and firm before trying to hang your wallpaper.
- Allow at least four weeks for newly painted surfaces to fully cure (or longer if recommended by paint manufacturer)

NOTE: Take your time when applying your wallpaper. If you have any questions, ensure you ask them before starting to apply it.

3. Hang your first strip

Once you have checked your wallpaper (all points under ‘Check your wallpaper’) and all is well, you are now ready to hang your first piece of wallpaper.
- Draw a straight vertical line with your level. This is a guide for your first strip so it’s important to ensure it is straight.
- Peel away approximately 30cm of the backing paper away from the top of the strip. Apply to the top of the wall allowing a few millimetres of excess to overlap on to the ceiling. Align the strip to your mark and lightly press onto the wall.
- Use slow steady pressure on the squeegee moving it down gradually in overlapping strokes and pushing out any air bubbles as you go.
- When you catch up to the backing paper, pull the next section down and patiently repeat this process until the panel is complete.
- Stand back and check you are happy.

4. Applying the remaining strips

Apply the next strip(s) slightly overlapping (approx. 5mm is recommended) and matching the pattern to the first strip.
- Stand back and check you are happy after you have lightly applied each strip.
- Repeat the same process as per your first strip. Be careful to constantly check that the graphics are matching from panel to panel.
- Ensure the edges are secure and trim away any extra material using a scalpel with a new, sharp blade.

5. And finally...
Stand back and look at a job well done. Why not send us a photograph of your new wall on social media and make everyone jealous of your stylish and unique new wall!

6. Maintenance & Removal
Cleaning: Treat as any wall surface. Dust off or wipe clean with a soft cloth as necessary.
Removal: Heat up a hair dryer and peel off one piece at a time.