How to....

apply wall vinyls

1. Check your Vinyls

Check your design is complete and that there is no damage to any of the design or panels.


IMPORTANT: If there are any problems you must let us know before peeling off the backing paper.


2. Clean your wall surface

Remove any dust or grease from walls with a damp sponge. Ensure your wall is smooth, dry, clean and firm before placing your decals.


EXPERT TIP: Take your time when applying the vinyls. If you have any questions, please ask us before you start to apply them!


3. Placement & Application

Placing the vinyls requires accuracy and focus. It is not a job to be rushed. Take your time!

- Check the vinyls are going to look great in the place you have selected. Use low-tack tape or Blu-Tack to position your designs in place.

- Stand back and make sure you are happy with how the design looks - remember you don’t always view your walls this closely!

- Make any adjustments required and once you are happy, use a piece of masking tape to stick the top edge of  your vinyl to the wall.

- Remove the temporary low-tack tape or Blu-tack. Lift up your vinyl, taking care not to dislodge it from the masking tape and gently start to remove the backing paper, starting with one corner.

- Once backing paper is fully removed, use your squeegee to stick the vinyl  to the wall, slowly and firmly working back and forth down the vinyl. Make sure you squeeze out any air bubbles as you go, until the whole vinyl is neatly and smoothly applied to the wall.

- Remove the masking tape.

- Remove the top covering from the vinyl from the corner, rolling it off as you do so.


4. And finally...

Stand back and admire your handiwork. Why not send us a photo of your new wall on social media and make everyone jealous of your stylish and unique new wall art!


5. Maintenance & Removal

Cleaning: Treat as you would any wall surface. Dust off or wipe clean with a soft cloth as necessary.

Removal: Heat up a hair dryer and peel off one piece at a time.