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Apply to be

a stockist

We are always looking for quality retailers

to stock our luxury, funky and unique products and would love to hear from

you if you are interested in working with us.

What do you need to know?

- We create bespoke artwork that is

unique to your shop/area.

- We know that you know your customers, so we are here to assist you to give them the best.

- We only create quality products.

- We don't offer sale or return.

- We will only ever contact you if we feel a product is right for you and your customers.

- We offer a code to all our stockists.
If you refer a customer to us for a bespoke item you will receive 10% percent of that sale.


Interested? Tell us more...

You know your business, customer and what products work for you better than we do.

Tell us about your business so we can help find the right product(s) for you. 


Please contact me to register your interest or to request a product pack.

Thank you


Call us on 01476 385051, or email us: to discuss your requirements or to arrange a virtual meeting.